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Elephant Consulting Group is a business management consulting firm that helps leaders create unified and productive work environments. We do this by assessing the health of your corporate culture and coaching your company towards a better future.

Our award-winning business consulting firm has a proven track record of solving difficult business and cultural problems. We work with organizations ranging from small businesses, manufacturers, service organizations, the military, and government agencies. Contact us today to take the first step towards transforming your company!

Company Culture Solutions

You already have what it takes to create a thriving corporate culture. Often the real struggle is seeing the possibilities.

As an organization, recognizing workplace dysfunction can be hard. Too often, it hides under the guise of normalcy in the day-to-day. That’s why Elephant Consulting Group helps you see your work culture with fresh eyes, so you can begin to make things the way they should be.  

We start by providing an unbiased analysis of your company culture to identify pain-points. Next, we develop a coaching plan to foster a healthy work environment. Finally, we will create an environment where people love to work.

Eliminate Workplace Dysfunction

Elephant Consulting Group can assess the health of your company culture and see things you can’t. Once we do, we provide a plan to empower your employees and skyrocket workplace productivity.

Empower Your Employees

Your company is only as strong as your people. That’s why investing in their professional development is the most productive thing you could do for your company. We believe that if you start with your employees, your business will accomplish more.

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